Login Help

Chrome (all platforms)

Possible Issue:
After completing registration and activating your Public account (link to activate
provided in the Welcome email), attempt to login seem to fail without visible error. The page may
refresh back to the standard login page. The URL will have changed, but the page display will be the same.

• Use a different browser for the initial login and return to Chrome after accepting the Terms and Conditions
• Clear the Chrome History and Cookies (Settings > History > Clear Browsing Data).
Once cleared, you should be able to login and accept the terms and conditions.

You should experience no further login issues after the initial login.

Chrome for Mac

Possible Issue:
When attempting to log in using Chrome on a Mac, you may be cycled back
to the login page (without actually having been logged in).

University.kaseya.com uses Java. Chrome for Macintosh computers does not support Java.

If you are using a Mac, choose a different browser such as Safari or FireFox.